Twitter :

S : Substitute

twitter come as substitute for any other social network such as plurk facebook, it came with a simple idea for newsfeed and apply it

Combine :

twitter combine newsfeed with social network, so now news can come from everyone at every place and to every one at anyplace


twitter adapting its strategy by ubertwitter, twitter deck, so that everyone can open twitter everywhere without have to go to the actual web, this saves time for people to tweet

Minify : Twitter minify its product, for example in facebook we must open it first and then see recent feed to know what other people are doing, in country where internet is slow this is not effective, so twitter came up with the idea that you only need status for social networking, people want to know what you are doing, with whom you are doing, and where. this can bring many popular people to hear the real voice of their fans or their enemies :p

Put to other purposes

twitter is a social network, but then again it is the easiest way to reach the people, so it can be the first line of news, it can be updated quickly, and can be easily spread through retweets


Twitter eliminate all the unnecessary thing that appears, like saving photo, video, twitter can only post one photo, but as it happen, to me its a plus side, because people like to know that moment only, they dont need to memorize it



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